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Patrice Evra absolutely loves Mondays so we have to presume that during his time at Manchester United the day that Gerard Pique set fire to his shoes wasn't a Monday. He did get revenge though.
<there's< span="">There's some magical stories in football, ones that we all know, that verge on the mythical and we can never be sure whether they happened or not. Like Alf Ramsey supposedly telling Rodney Marsh, «if you don't work hard I'm going to pull you off at half time,» and the forward replying «Christ, at Man City all we manchester united Trikot Kinder get is a cup of tea and and an orange.»</there's<>
<there's< span="">For Manchester United fans there's the story of Gerard Pique taking Patrice Evra's boots and setting them on fire with the Spaniard saying, "</there's<>One day Patrice Evra came in with shoes that he'd been asking Nike for months to make. They had the name of his children on them and all these crazy details. He went into the shower and we created a small bonfire and burned them."
Poor Patrice, he'd wanted those boots for so long, however the Frenchman did actually take revenge. Speaking on A League Of Their Own on Sky on Friday night he revealed how, saying:
«They burn my trainers. It wasn't funny, it was actually Gerard Pique — and what I have done to him… I took his shoes and went into the toilet, and I sh*t inside them.»
Evra signing for Manchester United. Image: PA Images
It's no real surprise that the other people on the show with Evra were a little disgusted, and you can imagine that his teammates were probably a little taken aback by it too.
Still I guess when your teammate burns your shoes there isn't really much else you can do to combat it.
Evra is a legend at Old Trafford having won five Premier League titles with Sir Alex Ferguson's team and a Champions League medal as well.
United fans probably wish Pique had become a legend at the club too as he went on to win several Champions League titles and the European Cup and World Cup with Spain but it was all as a Barcelona player.
At least Pique will always be in the club's folklore, just not for footballing reasons.

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