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Manchester united cult hero Diego Forlan has given Chelsea fans reasons to be glum in the past, namely the 2002/03 season where his two goals against the Blues that season eliminated them from the League Cup and sent them crashing to defeat via a stoppage time winner in the Premier günstige fußballtrikots League.
Now the Uruguayan is stoking the flames once again, ahead of his former club's clash with Chelsea on Sunday, by sharing a story which reveals what his former United captain, Roy Keane, thought of Roman Abramovich's club, back in the early '00s.
Speaking to The National ahead of Sunday's game, Forlan said, "'Chelsea are a small club, nothing like as big as Liverpool or Arsenal,' my captain Roy Keane and other Man United players explained when I asked them about Chelsea.
«Jose Mourinho would also take charge just before I left England. He had become a hero there, taking a fussballtrikots günstig 'small club' and making them champions of England for the first time in 50 years.»
United could do with someone producing the magic in the same way Forlan did against the Blues in 2002/03, with the Red Devils only recording one Premier League win at Stamford Bridge in the past 14 years.

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